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We worked with Jewett Farms Studio and selected Carlisle brown maple hardwood floors and a Carlisle custom oatmeal stout stain for our home. The original Carlisle quote we received from Jewett Farms was reduced by 50% this year by the manufacturer per Jewett Farms. We were told by our Jewett Farms rep, Tim Buckley, that Carlisle lowered their prices to be competitive and they were interested in working with us on our project as my wife invested a lot of time in researching the flooring and visited the local Carlisle office to meet them in person and see their operations.

All of the correspondence from Jewett Farms referenced Carlisle Floors and stain for our project and this was confirmed with our contractors when we met to discuss installation. Our contractors agreed to pick up the flooring for us in order to save money on delivery however they were instructed by Tim Buckley to drive to a different location in MA and not Maine as we were originally told when scheduling the pickup. Once they arrived Tim told our contractors not to enter the mill yard warehouse as the wood would be ready for them outside.

Once the flooring was installed our contractor experienced problems with the stain. We contacted Carlisle directly to troubleshoot this issue since we could not reach Jewett Farms after several attempts and were told Carlisle flooring receives a special chemical treatment for their stain.

We were informed by Carlisle that they never received an order from Jewett Farms for the brown maple hardwood floors we paid for. They also told us the oatmeal stout stain was ordered by Jewett Farms however they indicated it was for an existing Carlisle customer but in fact it was ordered for our project. We confirmed the brown maple flooring we received was made by a different manufacturer but was never disclosed to us.

Our floor has been ruined as a result of this switch in material and we have met with the owner of Jewett Farms to inspect the damages but they're refusing to work with us on a resolution.

We would like to receive reimbursement for the material and labor costs incurred on our project totaling $36,109 to repair the damages to our floors caused by the non-Carlisle wood we received. Our contractors spent extra time and money in working on our project given all the problems and issues we experienced which caused us to exceed our original budget and also extended the project timeline from 2 weeks to 8 weeks total. We also incurred charges for additional materials given these issues.

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